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Mountain Cabin

Continuing Education Classes

Expand your skills and challenge yourself to do better, be better, and never stop learning.

Community Classes


Spring Cleaning 101 - Holistic Style!

Experiencing sluggishness, adrenal fatigue, brain fog, skin issues, insomnia, constipation, headaches, gut microbiome imbalance, anxiety/depression, menstural pain, etc.? 

Join Jordan Hostetler for her class on how cleaning up your home environment can boost the health of you and your family!

- Instructor: Jordan Hostetler

- $10

- Next Class: May 17th @ 6p

Healthy Food

Menu Mastery: A Dietitian's Guide to Meal Planning

Learn how to design menus for you and your family, create healthy shopping lists, saving money at the grocery store, portion sizes, why buy organic, and great seasonal food options.

- Instructor: Jordan Hostetler

- $10

- Next Class: June 6th @ 6p

Yellow Flowers

Flower Essences

Join Kimberly Fisher at Whitefish Wellness to talk FLOWER POWER! Every Flower holds a specific electrical pattern indicating how the flower successfully solved its evolutionary challenges of adaptation. This electrical pattern is the wisdom of the Flower, and electrical record of everything the Flower has learned during its evolutionary journey. In this class you will learn how the flowers carry vibrational energy which can improve negative thoughts and emotions, how they can be the most loving way to heal from the inside out, learn the history, how they work, how they are made as well as how they can be used in conjunction with traditional western medicine, and how they are different than essential oils and homeopathic remedies.

- Instructor: Kimberly Fisher

- Cost: $45 - includes your choice of Green Hope Farms Flower Essence

- Next Class: May 16th @ 6p

Bottled Olive Oil

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils can add a big twist to your EO blending. There are so many to choose from, and many added therapeutic benefits to each. Come learn how to make a skin nourishing body oil or butter, and how the right carrier oil can take your essential oil blend to a whole new level! 

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- $20

- Next Class:


Essential Oils for Cold & Flu 

Keeping your immune system in top notch shape during the winter is so important. Whether you're a busy mom, teacher, hard worker, or just cant stand to miss a day of skiing, this class is for you! I'll teach you how to make some of my favorite oil blends for cold/flu season, and go over the best oils for inhalers, bath salts, and steam blends. AND, everyone goes home with the blend they make!

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- $25

- Next Class:


Chemotypes and Species

What is a chemotype? There are different species? When it comes to essential oils, there is SOOO much to know. Did you know that the exact same plant grown in different ecosystems can produce very different EOs? It's true! And, there can be several different species of plant that all use the same common name on the EO label! Take Cedarwood for example, there are 3 popular species of cedar that are made into EOs and they all have different chemistry, but they are often all labeled 'Cedarwood', so how do we know what we are getting? If you're interested in deeper learning about essential oils, sign up for this class! 

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- $20

- Next Class:

Back Massage

Partner Massage Private Lesson

Do you have an important person in your life that could benefit from daily or frequent massage? Would you like to be able to help them in between professional sessions? I can offer you basic knowledge and skills training! I think everyone can relate to "honey can you please just rub my shoulders for 5 minutes?" And then you try, but your hands quickly become sore and tired. In these lessons I teach basic body mechanics, basic massage techniques, and a little anatomy. 

Contact Kaia to request a lesson. Each lesson is 2hrs long and you'll need to bring your friend or partner with you.

- $150


Private Lessons

Is there a specific something you would like to know more about? Or perhaps you just wanna get together and talk oils! I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you grow your blending skills! Contact me with a specific request for a private lesson or for a group you already have together and I'd be happy to do a lesson for you. 

- $30 per hour, per person


* Classes are currently being held at my studio in Whitefish, MT unless otherwise specified. 

* Email me with any questions, otherwise you may register online.

* Classes offered change seasonally, so continue to check back for new classes available!

* Cancellation Policy: Day-of cancellations and no-shows will be charged 50% of class fee booked to credit card on file. 


I started my Aromatherapy journey back in 2015. I found myself reading the warning label on the back of a cleaning product and wondered why it says to wear gloves while using this product, and yet it's "safe" to have all over my surfaces for me and my pets to touch after? Hmm... So I started looking into making my own cleaning products so I knew exactly what was in them and just like that my love for pure botanical products was on a roll and I've never looked back! 
I look forward to helping you expand your knowledge about aromatherapy!

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