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Community Clinic

As a way to give back and educate our community, we host a series of Community Clinics. This is a great time to check out all that we, the Whitefish Healing Community, have to offer and try out new modalities. This clinic includes a number of healthcare practitioners from different businesses all around Whitefish and offer modalities such as: Sound Baths, Health Coaching, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Skin Care, BioMat Naps, Chiropractic, and more! 

Sessions will be open to online booking 2 weeks before each clinic date. 

Dates: February 12th, April 9th, June 19th, September 19th, & November 16th 2024, 9a-7p.

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Massage Therapy & BioMat Naps

Massage Therapy provided by the Whitefish Wellness Team

The WW Team offers a very wide variety of MT modalities and techniques from Ashiatsu, to Cranial Sacral Therapy, Injury Rehab, and so much more! Click the About Us tab to read more about our individual skills and specialties. 

Laying on our Amethyst BioMat is deeply healing and relaxing. The Far Infrared Light can penetrate 6" into your body heating you from the inside out and greatly supports cellular healing. To read more about this FDA Approved Medical Device, click here.

20min MT Sessions for $22

25min BioMat Naps for $10

Available on: All Dates

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Medical Massage Therapy & Private Yoga

Massage Therapy & Private Yoga/Breathwork provided by Bryan Michel Wellness

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher I know the human body well. Healing is not linear, nor is the modality used to help healing occur. I'll be showcasing my medical MT and yoga specialties at this awesome community clinic."

20min Medical MT Sessions for $25

25min Private Yoga Sessions for $10

Available on: April 9th

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Balinese Massage Therapy

Balinese Massage Therapy will be provided by Kim Collier with JamuSpa

"Honoring the indigenous customs of Bali, I have made it my mission to carry on the traditional healing and wellness inspiration of Southeast Asia. My tropical massage oils celebrate the traditions of Bali and create a cross-cultural experience through Asian inspired body care products and treatment rituals."

20min Sessions for $25

Available on: Feb 12th


Ayurvedic Healing

Ayurvedic Healing modalities provided by Kimberly Fisher with Earthly Insights

"I'll be providing a number of different Ayurvedic modalities throughout the year, so follow me on social media for up to date details! Reiki Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Marma Point Therapy, and more."

20min Flower Essence/Aromatherapy Sessions for $25 - includes take home flower essence

25min Reiki Healing Sessions for $25

Available on: Feb 12th, April 9th, June 19th, Nov 16th

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Aesthetics - Skin Care

Skin Care provided by Claire Francoeur with Whitefish Creative Aesthetics

"I am a board-certified Nurse Practitioner specializing in Family Medicine as well as Medical Aesthetics. I focus on treatments that allow you to age gracefully! I'll be offering Microdermabrasion and Dermafuse treatments at this community clinic."

25min Sessions for $36

Available on: April 9th


Physical Therapy

Dry Needling provided by Jackie Bullock with Glacier Peaks Mobile PT

Dry Needling is different from Acupuncture, but still utilizes tiny needles to specifically reduce muscle trigger points, reduce inflammation & pain and promote tissue healing.

25min Sessions for $30

Available on: June 19th

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Occupational Therapy

Private Sound Baths provided by Heidi Fletcher with The Intentional OT

Experience the immersive effects of singing crystal bowls for mental, physical, and emotional healing. 

25min Sessions for $25

Available on: Feb 12th, April 9th


Nutrition Counseling 

Functional Nutrition provided by Jordan Hostetler with Blissfully Balanced Nutrition

"As a functional registered dietitian, I will be providing (medical) nutrition therapy, education and support while figuring out the root of your symptoms and/or any barriers preventing you from reaching your health goals. After learning of any health concerns, diagnosis and/or goals we will review your food habits, stressors, sleep hygiene, movement and more, of which we will then create your personalized, holistic interventions. The key to health is taking it one piece at a time while ensuring you're making the right choices for YOUR body."

25min Sessions for $25

Available on: Feb 12th, April 9th, June 19th. 

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Life/Business Coaching

Coaching sessions provided by Christine Seager Coaching

"As a dedicated Results Coach, I support individuals to create their dreams and overcome obstacles. I will work closely with you to devise a clear, specific, and actionable plan to achieve your desired results. Alternatively, I will help you identify and address obstacles hindering your progress, equipping you with insights and strategies. By the end of your session, you'll gain the confidence and tools to follow through on your goals, trust yourself more deeply, and cultivate a greater sense of fulfillment in your life. Don't miss this opportunity to take charge of your journey towards success and satisfaction!"

25min Sessions for $20

Available on: April 9th

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Health Coaching

Coaching sessions provided by Lauren Porter Health Coaching

"Navigating the healthcare world can be tough at times. Where do I even start? I can give you professional advise around any challenges you may be experiencing on your health and wellness journey. You'll feel heard, supported, and inspired after our session."

25min Sessions for $10

Available on: Feb 12th, Nov 16th.


Health Coaching

Coaching sessions provided by Rosalie Harris with Rocky Mountain Healing

"I’m a health coach, personal trainer, and personal chef. I help people find time in their day to build themselves up, create balance in their lives by making more time to relax, get focused, and really enjoy all that thy have."

25min Sessions for $15

Available on: Sept 19th

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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustments provided by Mike Hanson with Big Mountain Chiropractic

"Did you know I can adjust more than just your spine? Our bodies have a ton of joints, and I like to work with all of them. Come see me at this clinic to learn about extremity adjustments and how chiropractic care can benefit your long term health."

15min Sessions for $20

Available on: Sept 19th

** Clinic Cancellation Policy**
We understand life happens and sometimes you need to cancel your appointments, but our time is valuable too!
Please call us with as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.  
Cancellations made within 12hrs and no-shows will be charged 100% of the booked service fee to the credit card used to hold the appointment. 


What to Expect

Please arrive a few minutes early so you're not rushing into your session. You will be prompted to fill out a health intake form when you book online, and will be texted or emailed the form if you call in for an appointment. Please fill out this form Before arrival. Kids under 16 will need a guardian to sign their intake form giving consent.

All practitioners at this clinic are licensed and maintain all regulatory standards set fourth by their industry.

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