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Continuing Education Classes

Expand your skills and challenge yourself to do better, be better, and never stop learning.

Continuing Education Classes
For Massage Therapists & Yogis


Cupping Therapy 101

The suction and negative pressure created by cupping helps loosen muscles, encourages blood flow, pulls metabolic waste out of our tissues, relaxes the nervous system, reduces cellulite and can also reduce high blood pressure. Cupping is an ancient modality revered in many eastern cultures and is a wonderful, unique experience that can be added to any massage modality. In this class I will demonstrate how to use a few different types of cups properly on yourself and clients, and lecture on the benefits, cautions, and physiology of cupping therapy.

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 6 CEUs - NCBTMB Approved

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- May 14th, 10a - 4:30p, Whitefish Wellness, Whitefish, MT 

     - Tuition: $180

- May 21st, 10a - 5p, AMTA Conference, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, MT

     - Tuition: $200 Sign up through AMTA

- Oct. 7th, 10 - 4:30p, Whitefish Wellness, Whitefish, MT

     - Tuition: $180

Dog Spa

About Face!

Get ready to learn about the face! Muscles, massage, suction cups, stones, and products, everything you need to know about working the most impressionable part of the body. I welcome LMTs and LEs to this class.

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 4CEUs - NCBTMB Approved

- $90

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- August 10th, 10a - 2p

- Nov. 12th, 10a - 2p


360 Pelvis Class

The pelvis attachments can be an under worked area, it's intense, difficult, and intimate, yet, so important! I will go over the anatomy of this area, posture alignment, and show how to work the abdominal wall, psoas, illiacis, QL, and those many glute muscles.     

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 8 CEUs - NCBTMB Approved

- $175

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- Nov. 1st, 10a - 6p


Intro to Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress, pain, emotion, and many other symptoms that can include blurry vision, ringing ears, and migraines. CST can be preformed by any hands-on health/wellness practitioner, and I welcome all to join in on this class.   

**2-Day class - students must attend both classes to receive full credit. 

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 14 CEUs - NCBTMB Approved

- $260 

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- June 6th & 7th, 10a-5p

- Sept. 12th & 13th, 10a-5p


Hot/Cold Stone Massage

Do you feel like you never really learned stone massage? You just got thrown into it when you got hired at a spa... Well then this class is for you! I will go through a quick background of this modality, talk about stone basics, contraindications, the benefits of hot and cold stones, & show proper technique. You will definitely leave this class with a solid understanding of stone massage and how to best utilize stones whether its a luxurious full body treatment or just an extra tool for your deep bodywork sessions.  

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 6 CEUs - NCBTMB Approved

- $180

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- April 22nd, 10a - 4:30p


Essential Oils for the Spa Professional

Anyone who loves essential oils or who knows nothing about essential oils yet can easily add them into their massages and provide their clients with an extra special experience. I will educate students on many of the top chosen oils for massage purposes and show how to best incorporate them into a massage session.  This class is recommended for LMTs, LEs, Nail Techs, Spa Receptionists, and anyone else looking for more knowledge on EOs in a salon/spa setting.  

- Everyone is welcome to take this class, no experience or license required!  

- Instructor: Kaia Van Natta

- 4 CEUs for LMTs - NCBTMB Approved

- $110 - includes 4 essential oils

Upcoming Classes: 2022

- June 22nd, 10a - 2p


RISE Hypnotic Meditation Class

Rise Hypnotic Meditation is a class that offers all the benefits of meditation plus the ability to target something in your life for change. It is direct, simple, and adaptable. This class will give you a life long tool, so you could address your anxiety one month and your golf game the next. Is there something you would like to shift? No experience required!

- Instructor: Mary Welp

- 3CEUs - Yoga Alliance Approved

- $80

Upcoming Classes:

Man behind Broken Glass

Your Students, Your Mirrors: A Yoga Therapy Approach to Transference & Countertransference

Have you ever found yourself reacting to a student or client?  Ever feel completely drained after teaching a class or working with a particular client/student?  This introductory course will support practitioners from various modalities as they gain mastery in self reflecting on what mirrors of themselves their students and clients show them.  Upon completing this course, participants will be able to self identify when deeper introspection about their dynamic with a student/client is needed; participants will be able to effectively identify examples of transference and countertransference with their students/clients; and participants will be able to use new tools to gain insight into how to work with this dynamic.  This is intended to help the participants provide more objective support for their students and clients as well as allow the practitioner to create a greater work/life balance.

- Instructor: Jen Munyer

- 6CEUs - Yoga Alliance Approved

- $120

Upcoming Classes:


Private Lessons

Is there a specific something you would like to improve on? Or perhaps you just need a refresher on a particular body area or modality. I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you grow as a professional! Contact me with a specific request for a private lesson or for a group you already have together and I will put together a lesson for you. 

- $40 per hour, per person

- These lessons will not meet NCBTMB continuing education requirements.

- You may count these lessons towards your Montana State License however! 


* Classes are currently being held at my studio in Whitefish, MT unless otherwise specified. 

* Email me with any questions, otherwise you may register online.

* Classes offered change seasonally, so continue to check back for new classes available!

* Cancellation Policy: A 25% deposit is required upon booking a class, any cancellation within 7 days of class will forfeit their deposit. 


In November of 2017 I decided to get certified to become a continuing education provider. It was not a quick and easy process. But after a lot of do diligence, pilot classes, and feedback, I finally got my approval from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork! I love to teach in a relaxed setting with only a hand full of students. I get frustrated when I go to classes and there are way too many students and nowhere near enough time for everyone's questions to get answered, especially during hands on time. 

So I like to keep it small and inclusive.