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Signature Products 

Customized Just For You!

Custom Oil Blends

Whether you need assistance falling asleep, calming your mind, recovering from injury or preventing illness, I can whip up a blend to help you though any challenge! 

- Free Samples!

- Roller ball Vials

- Dropper Vials

- Body Butters

- Lip Balm 

Aroma Inhaler

Breathing in essential oils is the fastest method of use. Excellent for cold/flu, allergies, & influencing your mood.

- Disposable Inhalers 

- Reusable Inhalers


Bath Essentials

Nothing beats a hot bath after a long day! Adding essential oils, clays, and salts to your bath will bring it to a whole new level. 

- Salt Scrub

- Clay Mask

- Fizzy Bath Bombs

- Custom Bath Oil Blend 

Soaps and Cleaning

Reducing the toxic load we put on ourselves is very important. Using natural cleaning products for our bodies and our homes is a great way to decrease allergies, skin irritations, and improve health! 

- Foaming Hand Soap & Bar Soap 

- Deodorant 

- General Cleaning Spray 

- Abrasive Cleaning Scrub


Distilled from freshly picked, organic plants, hydrosols are energetically vibrant water-based distillates that bring a gentle richness to the practice of aromatherapy. Hydrosols are often used as refreshing room sprays, revitalizing tonics, natural first aid remedies, as well as carriers in aromatherapy blends.

Essential Oil Sales

If you wish to purchase any essential oils for yourself, I have lots to choose from and can order any I don't have in stock.  

Aromatherapy Treatment

Essential oils are the original healing remedies dating back to ancient times, and adding them to a massage is perfect for boosting your immunity, decreasing inflammation, uplifting your mood, and detoxing your body. Come experience the wonderful benefits of Aromatherapy!     

- 60mins     $90

- 30mins     $45                                                                                                            

Aromatherapy Classes

I offer several classes on essential oils. Please view the continuing education page for class listings - they from time to time, so don't forget to check back now and again. You may also contact me directly for a one-on-one lesson.                                                                                                        

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