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Whitefish is lucky to have a tight knit and knowledgeable community of wellness professionals! We are always focused on what YOU need even if that means referring you to another wellness provider in the area. 
Listed below are many of the providers in Whitefish that we recommend.



Functional Manual Therapy® is a unique approach to physical therapy that addresses the body as an interconnected system.  Treatment focuses on identifying and treating areas of dysfunction due to injury, inefficient posture, or compensations that may contribute to pain, decreased mobility, or degenerative changes.  Joints, soft tissues, nerves, and viscera are treated to restore optimum mobility and manual neuromuscular facilitation techniques are used to get the right muscles firing at the right time during specific functional movements.

Jackie Bullock, DPT

Jackie Bullock is a Doctor of physical therapy and the owner of Glacier Peaks Mobile PT. She has skilled training in Women’s Pelvic Health, Dry Needling, Joint Mobilization, return to sport training and LSVT BIG for Parkinson’s Disease. She is an avid runner, skier and mountain biker and will help you return to the activities you love!


Jordan Fennelly, DC
Pete Fennelly, DC

Two Sparrows is the only Gonstead chiropractic practice within the Whitefish community. We pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our patients on a personal level while creating an experience that is not only healing and relaxing but also educational. It is our specific approach in our analysis through the use of postural visualization, instrumentation, palpation, and X-ray that sets us apart in providing individualized care to each patient. We strive to not only provide the best chiropractic care but to also empower each one of our patients through education, which allows them to take their health into their own hands - inside and outside of the office.


Kanyon Smith, DC

Mike Hanson, DC

Big Mountain Chiropractic offers an alternative approach to helathcare, based on the age-old practice of restoring balance by promoting your body's ability to heal itself. Predicated on the vision that quality of life can be improved through routine chiropractic care, we not only treat pain and injury, we allow your body to optimize your own health by getting to the cause of your problems not just covering up your symptoms.


Kasey Holland, ND
Shannon Cavanaugh, ND
Rachel Magerman, ND

Innate Naturopathic, where getting to the root cause is standard.

Get accessible and personalized holistic healthcare in-person or from the comfort of your home.


Jordan Hostetler

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

As a functional dietitian, Jordan helps understand your individualized needs while making personalized interventions by listening to your story and finding the root cause of your symptoms.  Jordan typically works with clients, through her 1:1 (virtually & in-person) Reprogram Approach, who are in need of hormonal, blood sugar, and/or gut microbiome support as well as those who desire weight loss. She analyzes functional labs (DUTCH, GI MAP, micronutrient panels & food sensitivity panels, etc.) to help clients reach their goals as well as hosts an 8-week adrenal reset program, Strengthen in Sixty, throughout the year. She loves educating her clients to help them fully understand how to connect with their body and mind through nutrition and lifestyle choices.  

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Abigail E. Holistic


Health and Nutrition Coaching

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