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NEW Yoga Therapy Offerings *Coming This Fall*

Pay It Forward Yoga Classes

Pay It Forward! We all have our low points and high points in life. When we're low, we lean on friends, family, and community to help us through, and when we're high, it's important to return to kindness we've received. So here at Whitefish Wellness we will be Paying It Forward by hosting a monthly yoga class that supports the North Valley Food Bank. Each class may have a different theme or flow, but the mission is still the same, give back some love & support to our community.
- Free to join, donations will be accepted and given to North Valley Food Bank. 
- Bring your own mat please! Sign-up in advance online or call. 

Upcoming Classes:

- May 16th, 6p    Instructor: Kirby   Flow Style: Yin Yoga

- June 13th, 6p    Instructor: Kirby   Flow Style: Yin Yoga

- July 11th, 6p     Instructor: Kirby   Flow Style: Yin Yoga

- Aug 15th, 6p    Instructor: Kirby   Flow Style: Yin Yoga

Movement & Alignment Therapy

This package includes a movement consultation, a 60-min massage, and a 1-hr private yoga lesson. 

The first session will entail a movement consultation which will include going over personal history, injuries, challenges, & a movement assessment. Then you'll finish with a 60min massage.

The second session will be a 1-hr yoga/movement private training. This will be a follow up from what was gathered during the first session and be personalized to your specific needs and goals.

You will also be encouraged to attend additional community classes to bolster your individual lessons.

- 2 Session Package     $175

Wellness Workshop

Yoga health & wellness workshop! Kirby is currently developing a 6-week whole body wellness program. She will have a 2hr class each week which will be a break down of each body section, teaching minor anatomy, small exercises to encourage proper body mechanics, and yoga flows to incorporate the teachings.

The weekly breakdowns will be: 1. Ankle & Foot Health, 2. Pelvis & Hip, 3.Trunk/Core/Spine, 4. Shoulders/arms/wrists/hands, 5. Head & neck, 6. Full body - tying it all together.

- 6 week course

- $40/class or $200 for all 6 classes

- We recommend attending all 6 classes as they build on each other, but it's not required.

Private Yoga Therapy

What are your wellness goals? What would you like to improve on in your yoga practice? Meet with Kirby and see what she can help you achieve!

- 60mins     $45

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