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Movement Therapy

*Movement Classes available during the Winter Months*

Vinyasa Yoga

Small Group Movement Classes

Tai Chi & Qi Gong

Join Bryant for his 1hr energy movement classes. Learn to bring balance into you energy system through these slow, meditative classes.

- Bring your own mat please! Sign-up in advance online or call. 

- $16


Hatha Yoga

Join Kirby for her 1hr Hatha flow yoga class. This slow flow style incorporates breath work, meditation, slow movement, and stretching.   

- Bring your own mat please! Sign-up in advance online or call. 

- $16

Vinyasa Yoga

Private Movement Therapy

Not interested in large group yoga? What would you like to improve on in your yoga or movement practice? Maybe you have a certain something you'd like to focus on or just need help learning stretches. Meet with one of our knowledgeable yogis and see what they can help you achieve!

- 60mins     $50

Yoga Pose

Pay It Forward Yoga Classes

Pay It Forward! We all have our low points and high points in life. When we're low, we lean on friends, family, and community to help us through, and when we're high, it's important to return to kindness we've received. So here at Whitefish Wellness we will be Paying It Forward by hosting a monthly yoga class that supports the North Valley Food Bank. Each class may have a different theme or flow, but the mission is still the same, give back some love & support to our community.
- Donation Based Class - Donations will be given to North Valley Food Bank. 
- Bring your own mat please! Sign-up in advance online or call. 

Upcoming Classes:

Yoga Practice

Wellness Workshop

Join Kirby for her 6-week whole body wellness program! These workshops were designed to offer tips on optimizing our individual health and well-being through specific mobility and strengthening exercises. Each session will provide a brief overview of anatomy and biomechanics, an in depth look at yoga concepts and traditions, followed by a one hour yoga class to incorporate principles learned. These will be active sessions, but our physical health is only one piece to the puzzle. Mindfulness is an important aspect in our lives and will be a foundational basis throughout the series. Each session will utilize a different theme as a metaphor to apply information learned beyond our physical health and prosperity. These workshops were designed to focus on functional health and provide an approachable way to apply techniques through the practice of yoga. 

The weekly breakdowns will be:

Week 1 - Root to Rise. 

This workshop will focus on foot and ankle mechanics as related to achieving stability and grounding in our daily life. Our yoga practice and our life begins with the structure we walk upon day to day, our feet! As a society, we tend to neglect this important piece of the chain. If you have neck or back issues, it can all arise from our foot mechanics. This will start the foundational knowledge of the interconnectedness of our bodies. Practice will focus on mountain pose as our foundation and prepare us for balancing activities.


Week 2 - Find your Power. 

This workshop will focus on pelvis, hip, and knee mechanics as related to gaining power and confidence. Life is filled with the opportunity to transform and evolve. This workshop will provide the tools needed to adjust and adapt to inevitable lifestyle changes. If we are ever uncertain in our lives, we can return to our inner strength and find the courage to face our doubts and fears. Practice will focus on a warrior series and prepare us for transitioning between postures.


Week 3 - Align and Restore. 

This workshop will focus on trunk, core, and spine mechanics as related to aligning ourselves to return to our purpose. Our breath is a powerful tool which provides our connection with the internal and external worlds. We will anchor into our bodies through the use of this mind body relationship to help bridge the gap of any division we feel in life. Practice will focus on breathwork and prepare us for a seated meditation.

Week 4 - Inner Body Bright. 

This workshop will focus on shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand mechanics as related to gaining strength and motivation to meet daily challenges. How we stand and present ourselves impacts how we feel about ourselves. We have all heard the reference to sit up straight. This workshop will encourage your spirit to rise and support your inner being. Practice will focus on empowering ourselves through a plank series and prepare us for improving our postural awareness.


Week 5 - Twist and Persist. 

This workshop will focus on head and neck mechanics as related to opening ourselves to meet the moment at hand. Our turbulent minds benefit from receiving and accepting the challenges of life as lessons to further our resilience. Instead of avoiding the trials of life, we will work towards embracing the gift of our presence. Practice will focus on twisting poses and prepare us for remaining in the present moment.


Week 6 - Flow to Grow. 

This workshop will focus on tying together concepts from previous sessions with a whole body approach. If you feel resistant to life and where it is leading you, allow yourself the opportunity to accept the natural tides of life. Each day presents its own challenges and your offering can shift to meet your daily needs. Some days are meant for a restorative yoga practice and others are meant for power. We will gain a better awareness of what we need to provide for ourselves in the current moment. Practice will focus on progressing and advancing our yoga practice to meet the daily ebb and flow of life.

- $40/class or $200 for all 6 classes (package option non-refundable if you miss a class)

- We recommend attending all 6 classes as they build on each other, but it's not required.

** Cancellation Policy


We understand life happens and sometimes you need to cancel your appointments, but our time is valuable too!


Please call us with as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.  


Cancellations made within 24hrs and especially no-shows will be charged 50% of the booked class fee to the credit card used to hold the appointment. 

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