Therapeutic Bodywork



Acupuncture is part of the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM practitioners use the human body's more than 2,000 acupoints, connected by energy pathways (Meridians), to stimulate or improve the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body. This system of energy throughout the body is responsible for overall health and wellbeing. Disruption, blockage, or decreased energy flow can cause dis-ease in the body. By stimulating these points through the use of tiny needles, flow of Qi can be improved, thereby improving your health.

*Available with Bryant

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135

Reiki Treatment

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This gentle touch therapy is wonderful for treating migraines/headaches, jaw pain, vertigo, ringing ears, sinus problems, emotional trauma, and much, much more. This is also great for anyone with limited mobility, is uncomfortable with undressing, or doesn't like a firm touch. CST as also an excellent modality to be used in conjunction with massage and physical therapies when working with injuries or chronic conditions. Essential oils will be incorporated as needed. 

*available with Kaia

- 30mins     $50

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135



The suction and negative pressure created by cupping helps loosen muscles, encourages blood flow, relaxes the nervous system, reduces cellulite, improves flow of energy, and is also an excellent way to decrease high blood pressure. Cupping is an ancient modality revered in many eastern cultures and is a wonderful, unique experience.     

- 30mins     $50

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135

Upper Back Massage

Therapeutic Bodywork

Let us work out all those kinks and alignment issues for you! This focus work session is not always relaxing, but you'll certainly feel great after. Whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery, or are just sore and achy, this session can help correct misalignment, decrease muscle soreness & inflammation, and help speed up recovery time. We use a wide range of techniques and custom tailor every session.

- 30mins     $50

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135


Rest, Relax, Restore

Nothing beats a great relaxation massage after a long journey, or at a time when the world seems too big to handle. Melt away your stressful day with this melding of massage techniques. Aromatherapy is used in most of our sessions and is such a great way to detox the body, relax the mind and improve immunity. Cranial sacral therapy & swedish massage techniques will have you snoozing in a matter of minutes! All sessions are custom tailored to every client!

- 30mins     $50

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135

Relaxing Massage

Head and Neck

Balance your physical & emotional body with this extensive head and neck treatment.

The throat is called the Avenue of Expression, and through here are our powers of communication. Often times when we experience trauma (physical or emotional) our Avenue of Expression can become blocked. Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Cupping, and many other techniques can help you let go and clear this important area of the body.

Our faces, to many people, are one of the most important areas of the body. They show emotion and give us personality. A good cleanse, masque, facial cupping, and a cool stone massage with our nourishing Goddess Glow Facial Serum is ideal for face health & wellness. 

This session is customizable to whatever area of the head/neck/shoulder area needs most work.

- 60mins     $100


Stone Massage

Come relax with this awesome full body treatment! With the addition of hot, cold, &/or salt stones to your massage, you will leave feeling totally relaxed and unstressed. Hot stones help melt away stubborn trigger points quickly, cold stones help decrease inflammation and revitalize your skin, and warm salt stones will leave your skin feeling polished and smooth! 

- 90mins     $135

Prenatal Yoga

Mothers To Be

Expecting mothers will love this heart filled session! Massage during pregnancy is a great was to decrease stress, keeping you and your little nugget happy and healthy. Enjoy long, soothing massage strokes while fluffy pillows support your body.

- 30mins     $50

- 60mins     $95

- 90mins     $135


BioMat Nap

While all massages (with Kaia) are now performed on a BioMat, some love to just simply lay and rest on the mat for extra healing, whether it be for chronic pain, illness, injury, or stress/anxiety. The BioMat can also be cranked up for an infrared sauna session. So if you'd like extra time on the mat after your massage or would like to come in and just rest with no massage, This Is It! I also include a 5min "wake up" massage for your feet or scalp at the end of your session. 

To read more about this FDA Approved Medical Device & the many health benefits of Far Infrared Light, Negative Ions, & Amethyst, please click here.

- 15mins     $10

- 30mins     $20

- 60mins     $40


Treatment Add-Ons

Mini Facial - We will use doTERRA's facial products for this quick, refreshing mini facial - cleanse, masque, and moisturizing massage. Time for some face Love!

- 15mins     $28

Scalp Treatment - Try out our signature Hair & Scalp Serum, which is a blend of rosemary, lavender, cedarwood, & peppermint essential oils in a base of avocado & argon oils. This blend is great for promoting healthier hair and a hydrated scalp. 

- 15mins     $28 

Alpine Upgrade - Add Alpine Pro products to any session to help reduce pain & stress. Ask us more about it at the beginning of your next massage!

- Add-in       $15

** Cancellation Policy


We understand life happens and sometimes you need to cancel your appointments, but our time is valuable too!


Please call us with as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule.  


Cancellations made within 24hrs and especially no-shows will be charged 50% of the booked service fee to the credit card used to hold the appointment. 

What to Expect

Please arrive a few minutes early so you're not rushing into your massage. You will be prompted to fill out a health intake form when you book online, and will be texted or emailed the form if you call in for an appointment. Please fill out this form Before arrival. Kids under 16 will need a guardian to sign an additional consent form.


During your massage, you will be covered at all times, expect for the area that is currently being worked. While I recommend undressing completely, you are welcome to wear your undergarments if you prefer.

Pain is entirely subjective.  If the pressure is too much for you, then it's too much... “No pain, No gain” is a big misconception in this world. In fact, if your nervous system views my touch as a threat, it will react negatively by tightening your muscles and releasing cortisol which will decrease the effectiveness of your therapy.

So speak up if you're ever uncomfortable! Otherwise, just breathe, relax, and let your body melt into the table. 

Hand Massage

Benefits of Massage Therapy

- Decreases stress and anxiety 

- Improves posture

- Reduces muscle & joint inflammation

- Increases circulation & lymph drainage

- Helps clear your mind

- Can release deep buried emotions causing pain

- It feels great and your body will thank you!

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